Page 10 - Logicalis - Technologist Magazine - Issue 1 (June 2018)
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Cyber Security

                                             to Effective



                                             Ransomware is a hot topic at the moment

                                             and the “attack du jour” for cybercriminals.

                                             The code is easy to obtain and campaigns

                                             simple to execute, thanks to the industrialised

                                             infrastructure that supports it.  The result

                                             – a rapidly growing market that is already

                                             estimated to be worth in excess of £1 billion.

                                             Criminal gangs provide “ransomware as a service” with everything from code
                                             provision through to the monetisation of the attack, making it easy to both
                                             execute and profit from.  Other types of cyber-attacks may involve complex,
                                             time-consuming or risky steps for the criminals, but ransomware profits are
                                             immediate, usually via Bitcoin payment into the criminal’s wallet. The traditional
                                             approach to cyber security has been to deploy more and more technology to
                                             protect against the evolving threat.  This has led to uncontrolled technology
                                             sprawl creating a security management nightmare.  Throwing more technology
                                             at the problem requires more resources to manage the estate and additional
                                             security skills are hard to come by.  According to research by the recruitment
                                             company, the UK has the 2nd biggest security skills shortage
                                             globally, with three vacancies for every applicant.
                                             Despite the increased level of sophistication and frequency of ransomware
                                             attacks, by following the steps described below, organisations can significantly
                                             reduce their risk.

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