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Editor’s Note

                        A note from Bob Swallow

                        We are in the midst of a digital revolution. The proliferation of new digital services,

                        business platforms and ecosystems is disrupting every marketplace and sector.

        Digital is no longer something that just   innovative data storage solutions    business significantly reduce the risk of
        resides on your desktop. Today you can   to gain insight in the world’s fastest   an attack.
        wear it, you can drive it, you can watch   sport (page 30).  One thing is for sure,
        it… it’s everywhere! And, it’s easily   big data is getting bigger, and it isn’t   Of course, it is not all doom and gloom.
        accessible.                         going away!                          London has attracted tech investment
                                                                                 from venture capitalists and Amazon,
        With this inaugural edition of The   The Technologist has given me the   Google and Apple are doubling down
        Technologist, which represents      chance to reflect on events in 2017 and   on UK market investments.
        news and stories from across the    the rapidly changing and competitive
        Logicalis business, we have the     marketplace organisations in which we   At Logicalis, we have recently launched
        opportunity to share the thought    are operating.                       a Trainee, Apprentice and Graduate
        leadership, innovation, passion and                                      programme, which is infusing our
        capability of our business, and the   The political landscape has provided   business with cutting-edge ideas
        way that we interact with and support   a unique set of challenges; between   and fresh talent, while simultaneously
        you, our customers, on your digital   the fluctuating US Dollar exchange   addressing the tech sector skills gap.
        transformation journey.             rate impacting many technology
                                            purchasers, to Donald Trump’s US     Focusing again on 2018, there will be a
        As digital increasingly plays a part   Presidency and Brexit; which are   number of factors impacting technology
        in every aspect of employee’s lives,   the source of ongoing uncertainty in   investment decisions, not least the
        businesses, including ours, have    the markets. In this environment of   acceleration of Public and Hybrid Cloud
        to transform to keep up. Digital    unprecedented change, unrelenting    usage, and the further emergence of
        technologies are enabling the       innovation and unwavering excellence   Artificial Intelligence. While we cannot
        development of new business models,   (page 4), how do organisations achieve   predict the future, we must be prepared
        and transforming familiar ones, with   the technology-driven outcomes that   for it.
        employees being given the flexibility to   really make a difference?
        work from any location. As businesses                                    I hope you are as excited as we are
        strive to ensure that the right resources   Once on their digital transformation   about the potential of technology and
        are available at the right time, a focus   journey, businesses are not only   the business outcomes that can be
        on capacity management can save     focused on achievable outcomes, but   achieved through its use.
        you time and money while increasing   also on protecting themselves from   I look forward to partnering to make
        productivity (page 20).             external digital threats, which grow   your organisation’s technology and
                                            more prevalent and sophisticated every
        And with all these digital strides, we   day. Following Wannacry, how are   digitally defined future a successful
        are generating and accumulating huge   public sector organisations defending   reality, and I hope you enjoy reading
        amounts of data. This valuable resource   the infrastructure that keeps our   The Technologist as much as I did.
        can provide unexpected returns for   country running? TFL’s Cyber Security
        businesses; whether it is in the context   Compliance Manager, Paul Graziano,
        of a high-street retailer preparing for the   shared his thoughts on the topic (page   Bob Swallow
        rapidly approaching GDPR (page 18),   12), and our five steps to Ransomware   Managing Director
        or how cutting-edge F1 teams are using   Protection (page 10), could help your   Logicalis UK

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        Practice Director   Solutions Director   Sales Director    Vendor Program   Practice Director   Practice Director
        Security                           Enterprise        Manager           Services          Hybrid IT

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