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 A note from Bob Swallow

         ISSUE 1                                                June 2018
        04                         16                          24                         30

        Unprecedented Change       Transforming business for   Don’t let tool clutter     Red Bull Racing Event
        Unrelenting Innovation     the digital age             smother you...             Summary
        Unwavering Excellence      How to create transformative,   Get the Logicalis      Transforming Big Data into
        Achieving technology       creative experiences and    approach!                  Fast Insight with Logicalis
        driven outcomes that make   business models that improve   The landscape of IT    and IBM!
        your organisation’s digitally   customer’s lives and boost   infrastructure is constantly
        defined future a reality.  profitability.              changing in response to    31
                                                               demands from the business
        08                         18                          and lines of business.     Giving Back to the

        Top 3 Strategic Priorities   Customer Stories: Helping   26                       Our CSR programme aims
        for 2018                   a leading brick and click                              to empower those in need to
                                                               Artificial Intelligence: It’s
        Mark Rogers, CEO Logicalis   retailer gain value through                          achieve more.
        Group, digs into the Logicalis   data                  not all roses after all…
                                                               If you work in IT, your job is
        Global CIO Survey 2017-18.  How and where do the                                  32
                                                               so much more than fixing
                                   majority of businesses within   a laptop.
        10                         the retail sector store their                          TAG Initiative

        5 steps to Effective                                   28                         33
        Ransomware Protection      20                          Logicalis Strengthens
        Ransomware is a hot topic at
                                                               Digital Workplace          Our Partners
        the moment and the “attack   Capacity Management:
                                                               Proposition with Fuze
        du jour” for cybercriminals.    Could it be the answer to
                                   your resourcing needs?                                 34
        12                         In a digital world,         29
                                   overspending on technical
                                   resources is commonplace.                              About Logicalis
        Digital Defence: Investing                                                        At Logicalis, we aren’t just
                                                               Logicalis Achieves Cisco   ready for the global digital
        transport infrastructure  22                           Global Gold Certification  age, we spent the last 25
        in IT infrastructure to
        defend London’s public
                                                               Recognising our
                                                                                          years making it happen. Our
                                                               differentiated business and   expertise enables endless
        Expert interview with Paul   GDPR is coming            technology skills and our
        Graziano, Cyber Security   Businesses of all shapes    ability to deliver consistent   possibilities for businesses,
        Compliance Manager at      and sizes depend on data    services and support       helping make your business
                                                                                          goals become a reality.
        Transport  for London.     to function.                around the globe.

        Michael Robinson
   Mark Rogers    Richard Simmons   Tim Wadey         Barry Whitfield
        Practice Director    CEO           European Chief    Engagement Director  Practice Director
        Core portfolio    Logicalis Group  Technologist                        Cloud

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