Page 6 - Logicalis - Technologist Magazine - Issue 1 (June 2018)
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Digital Innovation

        A Time of Unrelenting Innovation

        1. Workforce and Workplace          3. Data, Analytics and AI            5. Security
                                            Every digital innovation over the last 20   Digital growth has come with a price -
        We have a new generation of digital
                                            years has created data. Data created
        natives and a growing engagement                                         the growing threat of cyber attacks and
                                            from the billions of interactions  that
        in digital from people of all ages, who                                  disruption, as well as closer scrutiny
                                            happen between people, companies
        are mobile, social, able and willing                                     from governments of how their citizens’
                                            and systems on a daily basis, is now
        to engage with each other, their                                         digital privacy can be preserved.  The
                                            one of the most important assets
        surroundings and companies, through                                      progress of digital innovation is being
                                            any organisation has at its disposal.
        digitally augmented experiences.                                         matched by huge advances in cyber
                                            Creating value through analytics and
        Technology has redefined their                                           security technologies that look to serve
                                            artificial intelligence is the new alchemy
        expectations of work and of the                                          and protect digital businesses and give
                                            that turns 0s and 1s into bottom line
        workplace, what motivates them and                                       them confidence to continue on their
                                            business value. Developments such
        what engages them .                 as Blockchain bring a new set of     digital journeys.
                                            opportunities for organisations to explore
                                            and exploit their digital information’s
             Every digital innovation over the   potential.                      6. The Internet of Things (IoT)
        last 20 years has created data                                           Intelligent connected devices are
                                            4. Hybrid IT and Cloud Services      transforming the world as we know it.
                                            The choice, flexibility, performance,   The ability to connect smart devices in
                                            scale, predictability and cost of
                                                                                 such large numbers is empowering both
        2. App and Mobile Experiences       digital capacity (compute, storage
                                                                                 established and start-up organisations
        The web and mobile application have   and networking), as well as access
                                                                                 to reimagine their business and service
        cemented themselves on our devices   to software from ERP systems to HR
                                                                                 delivery model, as well as redefine
        and in our lives.  Banking, shopping,   applications, has seen unrelenting
        socialising, entertainment, exercise   innovation over the last 10 years.  All   their core value propositions. IoT is the
        and health, have all become natural   organisations, regardless of size,   combination of new business models
        interfaces between people and       now have an unparalleled ability to   and operational processes supported
        organisations; transforming not only the   dynamically transpose demand for   by the integration of sensor, network
        user’s experience, but creating new   the capacity and software resources   and platform technologies, that together
                                            they need, within a market model     streamline what a company does and
        business models and revenue streams
                                            that delivers agility, scale, speed and
        for established organisations and                                        how it does it.
                                            flexible cost models for delivering digital
        start-up businesses.

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